1) Rides:
You can access the riding paths directly from the stables and ride amidst the sugar cane fields. From there, you’ll enjoy outstanding views on the Ocean and ride in the heart of the countryside.
We offer 1-hour or 2-hour rides, accompanied by a fully-trained instructor. (French State diploma).

PRICES 2010/2011: per hour :30 euros.

2) Kids’ Pony rides:
Suitable for children aged 4 or over, these rides will help children get to know our ponies under supervision by an adult, during a short ride in the club’s pastures.
PRICES 2010/2011:     per 15 mn :8 euros. 30 mn : 15 euros

3) Horse Riding School:
Our high-standard lessons are all given by a fully-trained instructor.
NEW: Baby pony lessons cater for children aged 4 and over for a step-by-step initiation on very short shetland ponies! (touching the ponies, learning to groom and take care of them, saddling them, learning to ride with games in a safe and small closed arena)
Apart from the baby pony lessons, we offer group horse riding instruction for all levels, for adults and children aged 6 and over . Our lessons are safe and friendly with a maximum of 8 riders per group. We often provide lesson-rides and mix adult and children for the lessons, to everyone’s delight!

PRICES 2010/2011:      5-hour course: 115 euros
                              Forfait 10-hour course: 205 euros
                              Forfait 20-hour course: 380 euros
                              Forfait family 10-hour course: 230 euros
                              Forfait family 20-hour course: 410 euros
                              Forfait family 40-hour course: 760 euros

Annual contribution to the Club: 30€ and Tapering rate in 20€ for quite other member of the family.

For the outer riders, A DIFFERENT PRICE RATE WILL BE APPLIED: Courts or rides: 30 € an hour. Days camps: 70 € by days.
All purchased courses are valid for 3 months.

4)Intensive courses/ Day camps::
Prices: per day: € 65, with a discount for more than 3 days..

5) School groups and summer camps:
Special group prices , tapering charges depending on the number of children. Contact us. (phone: 06 92 82 35 76).

6) Birthday parties:
You can book the stables to celebrate your child’s birthday (Please book a week in advance).
Suggested activities: grooming the ponies, rides, refreshments. You can bring your food and picnic on location !
PRICES: Please contact us. Souvenir photo CD: €8.

7)Horse Boarding:
We provide pasture board or stall board according to your wishes. Our prices include boarding, food, and access to the club facilities (round pen and arena).
PRICES 2010/2011:       Pasture or stall boarding, per month: € 385
-An extra share of hay a day: €30 a month.
Mash+ carrots and apples, once a week: € 30 a month.

Note: For any ride or lesson, please book 2 days in advance.